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Centennial Events

Click the image below to learn more about all the events Thomas More University has scheduled for its centennial celebration.


Call for Donations for Saints Serve

As Thomas More University Saints, realizing “our place in the world and responsibility to others” are essential parts of fulfilling our mission. By using our talents and energy to serve through volunteering, we all can make positive contributions to those who need support and develop an ethic of service.

On this “day on, rather than day off,” Thomas More students, faculty, and staff will put aside their usual duties and join forces to serve the local community — the hungry, the homeless, our brothers and sisters of all ages in need of assistance. Through activities planned in partnership with local nonprofit agencies and programs such as the Parish Kitchen, Master Provisions, and Special Olympics, among others, this first designated day called Saints Serve will become an annual event. 


As mentioned Thomas More has partnered with Master Provisions - a nonprofit clothing and food bank in Northern Kentucky. Clothing is being gathered, packed, and shipped by Thomas More students and will be donated to people in other countries.


The goal is to do community outreach, church clothing drives, and store donations to reach 30,000 pounds of clothing by September 14, the day students will be packing the clothes to be shipped. Master Provisions prefers very lightly used clothing that reflects dignity in all people, not highly worn clothing. Summer and lighter clothing is preferred. 


Are you interested in donating items of clothing for Master Provisions? Any donations would be helpful and appreciated. If this is something you would be interested in, Thomas More will arrange a time to pick up the donated items from you so you do not have to bring it to campus. If you'd prefer to drop them off on campus, you can do so in Student Life with Charles Delp. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you can email Charles Delp at

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